Contract-To-Hire agency in India

Get the Talent You Need with Our Contract to Hire Services

Our Contract to Hire service saves you time and money while helping you find the perfect candidate for your team. At Techsist Solution, we provide customized staffing solutions designed to meet your unique business needs and ensure that you find top talent quickly and cost-effectively. Let us to help you achieve your long-term staffing goals.


Our team of staffing experts has years of experience in sourcing and screening candidates across a variety of industries. We know how to identify top talent and present you with the best candidates for your specific needs.


We take the time to understand your specific requirements before presenting you with candidates. This way, we can ensure that we’re providing you with the best possible staffing solutions.


We’re passionate about helping our clients find the perfect hires quickly and cost-effectively. We take pride in delivering top-quality staffing solutions that help our clients grow their businesses.


We believe in transparency in all of our business dealings. We’ll work closely with you to establish clear expectations and ensure that you’re always up-to-date on the status of your staffing needs.

Our Process

Our optimized process for Contract-To-Hire that we follow for every client.

1. Consultation

During the consultation, we learn about your business needs, required skills, culture, budget, timeline, and any other specific requirements for staffing.

2. Sourcing and Screening

We find candidates who meet your requirements using a customized job description, job boards, social media, and our own candidate database. We assess their skills, experience, and cultural fit.

3. Contract Establishment

We establish a contract with the chosen candidate that includes pay rate, hours, contract length, and other relevant details. We handle all paperwork and legal requirements to ensure the contract is legally binding and meets all necessary regulations.

4. Temporary Employment

During the contract period, the candidate is employed by our staffing agency and is paid by us. This means that we handle all payroll and administrative tasks, including taxes and benefits. This allows you to focus on evaluating the candidate’s performance and fit within your team without the added burden of payroll and administrative tasks.

5. Transition to Full-Time Employment

If everything goes well during the contract period, the candidate can transition to full-time employment with your business. We work with you to make this transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed and that the candidate is integrated into your team seamlessly. We continue to provide support and guidance to both you and the new employee throughout the process to ensure a successful transition.

Benefits of Contract-To-Hire

Hiring permanent staff in India can provide several benefits to your business.


Contract-to-hire staffing can be more cost-effective than direct hiring, as you can evaluate the candidate’s performance and cultural fit before making a full-time offer.

Reduced Risk

With contract-to-hire, you have the opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s fit with your company culture and work style before committing to a permanent hire.

Faster Hiring

The contract-to-hire process is typically faster than traditional direct-hire methods, allowing you to fill vacancies more quickly.


Contract-to-hire staffing provides the flexibility to adjust to changing business needs, allowing you to quickly scale up or down as needed.

Talent Access

By partnering with our staffing agency, you gain access to their pool of talent, including passive job seekers who may not be actively looking for work but are open to new opportunities.

Reduced Administrative Burden

We handle the administrative tasks related to hiring, such as payroll, benefits, and taxes, reducing the administrative burden on your HR team.

Improved Retention

With contract-to-hire staffing, you have the opportunity to assess a candidate’s performance and cultural fit before making a permanent offer, resulting in improved retention rates.

Minimized Hiring Bias

We provide an objective evaluation of candidates, minimizing hiring bias and increasing the likelihood of finding the best fit for your team.

Ready To Hire Top-Quality Talent?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how our Contract to Hire service can benefit your business. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, we have the expertise and experience to help you find the perfect hire quickly and cost-effectively. Let us help you take your business to the next level.