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Staffing Augmentation Services : Methodology

We follow a carefully structured recruitment and selection process, which starts from understanding the client’s needs and functions all the way to follow ups with both clients and candidates post recruitment.

The brief process structure:

  • Understanding Job Description (JD)
    This includes functional areas, job title, job specifications, key skills, education, reporting relationships, compensation package, job location and other relevant details, if any.
  • Head Hunting
    Once the job Description are identified, our search team will identify suitable candidates thru referral, existing database and if required will advertise for the position.
  • Screening Interviewe
    The short-listed candidates are adequately briefed about organization and the respective job position before they are recommended for an interview.
  • Follow ups
    Coordination with both client and candidates is managed until selection process of candidate for particular post is completed.
  • Final Selection
    Once the selection process for the particular position is completed by client, we then ensure the smooth induction of candidate into organization.