Information Security Management Services

Techsist security solutions offering end-to-end security solutions that optimize security technologies, implementation of technologies and management processes to mitigate the security risks in organizations. The prime goal is to enhance the ROSI (Return on Security Investment) of our customers by enhancing IT security, reducing administration & operational costs and improving productivity.

Our Approach:

  • Risk reduction, cost and time-to-market
  • Efficient maintenance of disparate applications and integration
  • Eliminate duplication, integration complexity and associated maintenance issues
  • Consistent support and reduced infrastructure complexity
  • Achieve flexible reuse and connectivity of core application assets and information
  • Increase competitive advantage and meet enterprise requirements

What we offer:

  • Asset Management
  • Anti-Malware Protection: Malware protection defends against any type of harmful software that could potentially attack your system
  • Patch Management: By monitoring and performing any necessary patches and updates and keep systems up to date and secure.
  • Firewall, IPS & IDS – Design, Optimization, Installation, Configuration and O&M.
  • Server hardening: Server hardening is the first line of defense against a possible intrusion. Techsist follows the best practices to maintain secure servers and methods to update security patches and monitor security logs, to identify possible security breaches and track defaulters.
  • Information security policies: Security policies are the primary building blocks for every successful information security effort. Techsist follows the best practices to locate likely threats and the security requirements; gather the required information using well-defined checklists and procedures, and then develop a security policy based on the existing standards, and corresponding baseline standards, guidelines, and procedures for implementing the security policy.
  • Web Content Filtering & E-mail anti-spam
  • IPES and SSL VPN’s

Our Service Benefits:

  • Hybrid Technology Support
  • Vendor /OEM Neutral
  • Performance
  • Redundancy
  • Ease of Management
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Scalability
  • IMAC (Implement, Move and Change)
  • SLA Flexibility
  • Delivery models
  • Expertise - People, Process, Tools
  • Governance - Reporting and Review

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